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They are fools you are brilliant no one so far has been a patch on you and K still misses you.  W.B.2013


I came to think of a friend as well as k’s therapist and I know he did . He misses you. W. 2012


…the help and support you have given me in particular has been beyond words…it’s only the other day i described you as like my security blanket to a friend (might sound a little bit weird but in context it didn’t sound like that haha!)  S.    2012


 I know G  and I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for our family.  A. 2011


iv got card and flowers 4u when ur better get
better soon im thinking about u every day hope we keep in touch u have been a
great role modle 4 me   [text message]       S.  2011


Both S and A  have positive attitudes of late and I’m expecting good things to come.  I hope you are well? I would like to thank you for all the hard work and passion you’ve shown in your commitment to help and support us as a family. You’re one in a million Ruth xxx  2011


……….our day trip out to see you was quite an enlightening experience and we now realise there are actually people out there that are willing to listen and whatsmore understand the problems of autism and how it effects  those who care for someone who suffers from the condition. Many Thanks again….     M., J., and B.B   2010


To Ruth.
Thankyou for helping me with my problems.

when I started
when I didn’t have help

Thank you alot. Love from K              2010


Just to thank you for all your help. It’s been a pleasure working with you

and your wise counsel has been invaluable to us as a family.

With sincere thanks, N., V., C., and J.      2010


Thankyou for all your help during our difficult time, it was much appreciated. Hope you help others like you’ve helped us. Take care and be happy. S and Keiran.     2009


Thanks for helping me and my son L. At the time I met you, I was at one of my low times. I did’nt know which way I was going but thanks to your listening and your advice, I soon got on the right track.
If other parents you see feel like me and have a child like L, I just thank god they got you. Keep up all your hard work. S. F. 2008


Thankyou for all your help and understanding. Your support has made such a massive difference to our family life. Thank you .
V., C., Z., and J. W           2007



thankyou for looking after me. Love from A.    2006


Dear Ruth

thankyou so much for our visit today, we both really enjoyed it! As usual, it was very kind and thoughtful of you.

G and B   2004


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