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helpmehelpmychild.com, the website of eminent child psychologist Ruth Coppard, is a gateway to an enormous range of advice , knowledge and guidance about children and parenting. Everything you have always wanted to know, and possibly stuff that you are not very interested in as well.

Ruth Coppard was on the British Psychological Society Media list from 1997 until 2012. During that period she was interviewed by journalists from many popular magazines, the national press, radio and TV channels on a wide range of topics. She wrote regular columns for a number of popular magazines. Ruth always found the need to keep up to date about topics that were often outside her remit highly stimulating. Even after that period, because of her inclusion on the list and her expertise, media representatives continued to contact her on a regular basis for interviews and statements.

Her appearances include everything from discussions on TalkSport about the influence of footballer’s behaviour on their young fans, to live phone-ins on violent behaviour in children for the BBC; from features in Saga magazine on older fathers to the Times magazine on dolls aimed at girls. All the contact Ruth had with the media throughout those years made for a very busy life,  but making psychology accessible and fun is an important part of her work.

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