WhizzyKids App

WhizzyKids App

WhizzyKids App Ruth Coppard Help Me Help My Child

Ruth Coppard & Redemption Media know that it can be a challenge to entertain bored children, especially young children who can make constant demands.  So they thought it would be great to have a set of games made portable as a downloadable app which, as well as being entertaining, was also informative and helped the development of skills.  The app:

  • Is designed for 3 to 5 year olds.
  • Has 10 ( ten) games. A similar App is being developed for 5-7s.
  • Develops a range of essential pre-school skills: matching, looking at detail, listening to letter sounds, using eyes and finger movement from left to right (to help reading and writing).
  • The games are FUN having been tried and tested by children already. Children love to learn and the games make learning even more fun.
  • Was number 3 in China!

The App can be obtained from two places and the first 5 games are currently free

  1. iTunes
  2. The Android Marketplace

Watching your children learn and play with this App, you will see the process clearly:

1] They guess  2] They start to get it right  3] They get more right 4] They get them all right

5] They practise a few times 6] They stop playing with it, too easy 7] If they feel ill, or sad or confused because things have changed, they will play the game again for reassurance.

Do not allow your child to miss this opportunity

800,000 downloaded already, a million children are learning this way!

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