What I Can Do

I am a Child Psychologist with years of experience. And I am a parent. As  a Child and Educational Psychologist I  have worked with children from the age of a few months to late adolescence. I have met children with behavioural problems, and children with serious physical and emotional difficulties, children with developmental disorders and learning problems, as well as children and parents who are just a bit mixed up. Sometimes you just need to hear someone else’s ideas, to have someone else confirm your thinking, to check what you might do next. Because I know how child development usually progresses, I know when things are unusual.

I can help – if I can help directly, I will; if I can’t, I will say so and guide you towards someone who might. And sometimes I can help best by explaining what other professionals mean in their evaluations and reports. If your child has a particular syndrome or physical difficulty, a good first stop is the Contact A Family website www.cafamily.org.uk. This charity provides support, advice and information for families with disabled children. It is a wonderful way of accessing details from people who have in-depth knowledge and would be a good first step. And of course, if there is an emergency or if you feel your child is suicidal, you must contact your local paediatrician, psychiatrist or psychologist. I can not help with anorexia – this requires on-site and personal evaluation, possibly hospitalisation, and a lot of direct counselling with the child and parents.